Jacquelyne (Lawrence) Clines
Thursday, November 1, 2018
Hello Family  I am the youngest daughter to Calvin W. Lawrence Sr. and Granddaughter to Lossie Mae Anthony. My older sister and I are looking forward to meeting new family and being together as a family this weekend.  Thank you to the reunion committee for a great job (We especially love the website) and WE READY TO PARRRRTTTTYYYYY!!!!! Safe travels to all attending and see you tomorrow 
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  Kristen Finney
Tuesday, October 2, 2018
Hello everyone I’m the youngest daughter of Andrew Lee Anthony Sr. I also have a brother Named Clark Lavon Anthony who is the youngest son of Andrew lee Anthony Sr.  I hope that we get to meet and get acquainted with this side of our family. 
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  Tony C Price Sr
Saturday, September 1, 2018
Greetings Family, I've been called upon on various occasions in recent years to put together a family reunion. This is my attempt to answer the call. I don't expect to have a flawless weekend. I just want to give an honest effort to bring the members of this family together with the hopes that relationships will be both discovered and renewed with one another. My prayer is that all those that can and will join us in Macon Georgia from 2 -5 November 2018 for what will be a fun filled gathering of family. Hope to see you there!
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  Calvin Lawrence, Sr.
Sunday, August 19, 2018
Hello to my Anthony Family!!  I'm Cuzin Calvin,(Wife is Elaine), and my Mother's Name was Lossie Mae Anthony, her Father & my GrandFather's was Name Bennie Anthony Sr. We hail from Orlando, & look forward to seeing Cuzin Tony and the rest of you all at this years Anthony Family Reunion!  Calvin & Elaine!!    8/19/2018                                                                                                    GOD BLESS THE ANTHONY FAMILY!  
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